Hi folks,
I wrote last week, week 3 a.k.a Vecka 3, to Microbiologist Lucy Mailing again. She replied and she is very busy. I also wrote to Professor Francis McGlone from Liverpool University.

I did not post these letters. Professor Francis McGlone was on Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s podcast Jan 19, 2019, and then I watched him on YouTube and Science Friday (2014) discuss the importance of TOUCH.

Professor McGlone wrote back, and I will be contacting folks at Göteberg University as well as researchers at Linköping’s Center for Systems Neurobiology based on his TOUCH research. I think TOUCH is of the utmost importance for neural & physical entrainment, healthy aging and INTEROCEPTION.

Today, I would like to share the letter I wrote to Dr. Ginger Campbell on her amazing episode speaking with Harvard researcher, John Dowling, regarding the brain and vision from her podcast, Brain Science.

Dear Dr. Campbell,
Again, I am humbled and amazed your Brain Science podcast produces such quality. I am one of the curious non-scientists who listen to your show. The information Neuroscientist John Dowling provided in Episode 153 is valuable to me. The Fascia and the Interstitium, I am trying to understand regarding Touch and Healthy Aging. I purchased Dr. Dowling’s book, “Understanding the Brain: From Cells to Behavior to Cognition”. I noticed his papers on Google Scholar, he is referred to as Dowling JE.

Since you have access to Dr. Dowling, can you tell me if he knows of A.D. Bud Craig’s work regarding Interoception traveling to the Insula? As I learned from your show, the Insula is the 1st fold of the brain to form in fetal development. To me, this would be an answer to the “binding problem”. As the Fascia is the Outer Brain, intimately connected to the Inner Brain just like the retina is critical to the inner brain.

I read A.D. Bud Craigs work after your show and attempted his book as well, “How Do You Feel”. No where does Dr. Craig mention Fascia, but it is only recently science is uncovering the potential of collagen’s piezoelectricity, the fluid interstitium (Dr. Neil Theise, Nature, March 2018), and as a sensory system of pain, proprioception and interoception, (Dr. Robert Schleip Ulm Unversity in Germany).

Thank you kindly,
Allissa from Iowa, Living in Sweden

Understanding the Brain with John Dowling (BS 153)
January 25, 2019

BS 153 is an interview with Harvard neuroscientist John Dowling about his most recent book Understanding the Brain: From Cells to Behavior to Cognition.

Touch – The Forgotten Sense with Professor Francis McGlone
Podcast by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee
January 16, 2019

Did you know that being touched is essential for healthy brain development? Yet with teachers, healthcare professionals and work colleagues being increasingly hesitant about social touching, for the first time in the evolution of human history, many of us are being exposed to less touch than ever before. But what effect is all this having on our emotional health? World-leading researcher Professor Francis McGlone explains the importance of touch for humans and the devastating consequences of not receiving it. The research in this area is mind-blowing and learning about it has changed the way I interact with my family. I hope you find this conversation useful. I dedicate a chapter of my new book ‘The Stress Solution’ to touch, which is available to order on Amazon now.