Letter from Jaap to me follows. I went to the Embryo in Motion five day lecture with Jaapy in Stockholm 30 May-3 June 2019. “Jaapy” he called himself this when he would tell stories from his childhood, I find it endearing. NO disrespect is intended for this man. He does not like questions being asked, he has his own thoughts to convey. I learned a lot. BUT, I chickened out discussing my Theory in more detail with his complicated mind. My loss!

sent Monday march 4, 2019
Mr van der Wal,

Thank you very much for the response.

I have contacted the host for the Stockholm event to get more information. It would be a superb lecture for me to hear.

I will see what I can do to clarify the comments I have made. I am gathering information and building more understanding.

The article in Cell, the microbiome changes in a certain period of time 9-10 months.

This is the gestation period for union of a sperm and an egg to develop an embryo. It is within this time period membranes differentiate cells into nerve, bone, blood, etc. Fascia is a membrane. Some fascia is so highly specialized like the dura mater or the pericardium, it is unique to certain structures, perhaps being the scaffolding for stem cells to become glial cells, neurons, or cardiac. The basic layer or building block of an organ originates from a biofilm, a membrane with specialization capabilities. I know this theory has a long way to go, so I will see about coming up to your lecture in Stockholm to listen. Thank you for the information.

All my best,

Sunday March 3rd, 2018
Dear Alissa Harter

First of all I would like to apologize for the delay in replying to your email.

Quite unexpected there was a complication in my biography and I needed to spend time to that first.

You write to me from Sweden isn’t it?

In June I will give a course on Embryo in Motion in Stockholm from 30 May till 4 June including a seminar about fascia.

Will you also attend that?

I ask you this because I am more or less embarrassed by your email.

I read your theory over and over again and it’s quite intriguing but I do not get it fully how you connect the three B’s with each other. So if we could be capable of talking and discussing with each other for example during this period in Stockholm, that would make everything far more easier.

I can promise you that I will keep of course all this quite original theories “safe and secret” but in particular I have very large problems in understanding and appreciating the first paragraph (chapter) that begins with “from there was a study in Cell November 2018” till … .”from an egg and a sperm”.

And why you use the term blasphemous that is not become clear to me at all.

It would be wonderful if we could discuss your paper during a meeting.

I am a phenomenologist and phenomenologist’s are very used to make associations and connections where people usually do not make them because it concerns transdisciplinary views and nowadays in science we don’t like transdisciplinary thinking. We always want to live in narrow dead ends of specialists and specialism.

But this time even I cannot follow your associations between bio, biofilm, bone and baby.

I apologize for this.

Thank you for following and appreciating my work as to fascia.

Maybe it’s a good idea to make acquaintance with my embryological phenomenology or phenomenological embryology.


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