This letter is being posted in July 2019 as I have been lax in keeping up on posting in this BLOG. One day someone will find it. Then the Nobel Prize Committee will call me. 🙂

This letter is written the same day #45 is making a State of the Union speech in the USA. UGH!!! And amazingly, Dr. Van der Wal answered, see BLOG v10 2019 ltr from Jaap.

Tisdag den 29/1-2019, kl 9.48
Backaryd Sweden

Dear Dr Van der Wal,
I have followed some of your work regarding the Fascia Congresses as keynote speaker at the 2nd FRC to asking for your autograph at the 5th FRC in Washington D.C. in the book: “Tensional Network of the Human Body,” your chapter 2.2 Proprioception, p81.

Today, I listened to your TEDx Apeldoorn talk from Sept 29, 2017…. about the embryo.

I have a strange idea. I cannot share this with many. It is too blasphemous. Perhaps, I can bend your ear. May I get some advice where to go with the idea, B3 ? Baby, Bone, Biofilm

There was a study in Cell November 2018, “US Immigration Westernizes the Human Gut”. It took 9-10 months for immigrants microbiome to change to the microbiome of their neighbors, about the length of time for gestation.

It is a funny thing that creates a biofilm: delicate workers, yet millions of microbes going to work for 9-10 months can create: cells, tissues, organs, systems = life (human or animal) – all from an egg and a sperm.

Bones of ancient Egyptians have found fermented antibiotic, Tetracycline, nestled inside the bone. Why would a molecule live in teeth and bone if it were anti-life? The bones seen at BodyWorlds in Amsterdam showed me a picture of the spongey trabeculae, where biofilms have hardened to make bone.

Bone needs pressure and stress to develop properly. In the womb, there is pressure in the small space of the placenta, but it is the sensation of touch: the baby walking and crawling, which make the bones & baby develop further.

The placenta is an incubator of an anti-gravity environment yet of pressure & fluid in a compact space. This would allow quorum sensing to occur. Unlike the environment of astronauts, whom have a difficult time with wasting of: muscle, joints, eyes, bone in space. Pressure and FLUID are needed for microbial life as we know it.

Bacteria quorum sense, per Bonnie Bassler at Bassler Labs at Princeton. Quorum Sense (QS) can turn on when bacteria density reaches a quorum. Can QS turn off, if there is too much pressure or not enough fluid, as in cancer?

Bacteria build biofilms. This is their job and they have billions of years practicing their craft.

I hope this message is received in good faith. It is original and I would appreciate it kept between us for now.

Thank you,
Allissa Harter from Iowa, Living in Sweden.

US Immigration Westernizes the Human Gut Microbiome
Pajau Vangay, Abigail J. Johnson, Tonya L. Ward, Purna C. Kashyap, Kathleen A. Culhane-Pera and Dan Knights 13

Published: November 1, 2018

US immigration is associated with loss of gut microbiome diversity
US immigrants lose bacterial enzymes associated with plant fiber degradation
Bacteroides strains displace Prevotella strains according to time spent in the USA
Loss of diversity increases with obesity and is compounded across generations