Copy sent to Dr. Michael Mosley.

Dear Dr. Carr,
I watched Dr Michael Mosley’s Placebo Experiment on Swedish television recently.

@20:17-24:10 surgery of shoulder with common operation of bone removal.

@23:25 Dr Andy Carr says, “We saw no difference between the real operation where we removed the spur and we removed soft tissue and the placebo operation where we simply look inside the joint. The treatment effect, the GAIN for the patient were the same.”

@24:09 – Dr. Carr mentions, if the treatment effect is placebo we probably should not be doing the surgery. We should be trying to understand what happened?

May I tell you about an area of study which is gaining evidence based science research? Fascia. This may hold more of a key as to the HOW your placebo experiment had a positive effect on the “real” and “placebo” shoulder operations.

In 1959, Dr. Leonard Cobb reduced Angina Pectoralis with a sham surgery (1). It was thought at the time, chest pain was reduced by real surgery, ligation of the internal mammary artery. The real surgery was thought to increase coronary artery blood flow; therefore, reducing pain. Dr Cobb proved with his sham surgery, the reduction in pain was NOT due to ligation of the internal mammary artery.

What caused chest pain reduction in his patients? It was called the Placebo Effect.

Is the Placebo Effect accurate? Could Fascia play a role? At the time, the rich sensory organ of fascia was discarded as an inert packing material. Only recently, with new technologies, have the advantages of the this connective tissue coming to the forefront of science.

Thank you,

p.s. Sue Hitzmann creator of MELT will be at Manchester Conference Centre March 23-25, 2018 teaching about Fascia.


The mysterious world under the skin
DW Documentary
Published on Jul 23, 2018

Fifth International Fascia Research Congress, November 14-15, 2018
from Fascia Research Society

Carla Stecco, MD – Understanding Matrix Biology of Fascia: New Insights
Neil Theise, MD – What Lies Between: Interstitium, Fascia, & Questions of Anatomy and Function (at 0:45:20)

The British Fascia Symposium 2018
Robert Schleip: Fascia as a sensory organ – keynote speaker
Robert Schleip: Fascia and Interoception

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